The Booth Theater – New York City

The Telemarketer

The Telemarketer Since it looks like unemployment is going to run out, I went to Craigslist and looked at some of the wonderful job opportunities: “ARMED GUARDS NEEDED, must have Valid Guard Card and a Firearm Permit.” Not interested. “TRAVEL AMERICA AS YOUR OWN BOSS”…Get behind the wheel of a 53 FT DRY WALL FLAT… Continue reading The Telemarketer

How I lost my cards!

     My father had a saying,”Never bet what you can’t afford to lose.”      As a little boy I was in love with the Brooklyn Dodgers. I knew all the players names and their positions: Gil Hodges at First, Jackie Robinson at Second, Pee Wee Reese at Shortstop, Jim Gilliam or Billy Cox at Third,… Continue reading How I lost my cards!

My Covid Nightmare

Well we all seem to be in a big mess. I must sit in front of the TV for the entire day and watch The News people predict the end of the world. I can say with complete candor that we here at the Gleason home practice total social distancing. I have not seen my… Continue reading My Covid Nightmare

“Pink Flamingos” or a day in the life of a Telemarketer.

I worked in telephone sales at one time. It’s a great job. You get people who hang up on you from all over the country. Here is a typical day in phone sales. Scene 1 A man in a Phone Bank                                                              Dave                                                                                             Hello, is this Mrs. Levy? Wonderful. Hello Mrs. Levy, I am Dave… Continue reading “Pink Flamingos” or a day in the life of a Telemarketer.

My Dad and Baseball

     How do you know when you have disappointed your parents? I have to say I was good. I went to Mass on Sunday and on the Holy Days of Obligation. I sang in the choir I even learned Latin so I could become an altar boy. I never drank, smoked or dated loose women.… Continue reading My Dad and Baseball

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